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I choose to STAND

Actually every man has three options. The THIRD option is if you are too much of a pussy to stand up and take care of a woman, then back off, get the fuck out of the way and let us take care of shit OURSELVES- BECAUSE WE DAMN SURE CAN.

She breathed deeply of his maleness, feeling suddenly so safe in his arms that she wanted to... She wanted badly for him to take control of her, of her life, and then to take control of her body, because she knew what it was like, to surrender so completely that all you have left is bliss. www.oliviastocum.com

The Gentleman's Guide Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age, being a gentleman is a matter of choice-teaching this to my future son(s), if I have boys

When I watch what even a woman or a man does with their life I notice some people give and this is giving forward, I admire that and have the up-most respect for them

So true! Be sure to pick a Real Man. One who does good for the world others. My man does amazing things through our Michael Andretti Foundation, raising money for kids charities others in need.

Need to remember this.

You age doesn't define your maturity no one believes no more. You grades dont define your itellect no one believes. rumors dont define who you are no one is able to get rid of their ignorance to see the truth.


Jane falls in love with Mr. He is her fairy tale. They end up getting married, and moving on in their lives together and , “Mr. Bingley and Jane remained at Netherfield only a twelvemonth" (Austen


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