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Hint: It's all about the butcher paper via @PureWow

The Trick to Hanging a Gallery Wall

A SIX Piece Collection of our Free Printable Fruit Collection.  These are just waiting to be hung on your walls...displayed in your vignettes...featured on a gallery wall and so much more!

Free Printable Fruit Collection

It’s once again Free Printable Friday and I am pretty excited about this one because I happen to absolutely LOVE Fruit and we have a fabulous six piece Free Printable Fruit Collection for you and we s

This Set of 6 Free Printable Vegetable Collection is waiting to hang out on your wall!

Free Printable Vegetable Collection

How to Hang a Gallery Photo Wall by professional art installer Kent Southwell - www.mariakillam.com

How to Hang a Gallery Photo Wall

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Banksy's Art in One Infographic

Almost Everything You Need to Know About Banksy's Art in One Infographic

Canvas art gallery Canvas Elite has created a fantastic infographic that traces the career of the infamous and mythical graffiti artist Banksy.

Thank you all so much for the terrific response to my last post about the hideous interior mistakes I learned the hard way. Well, many of them.And there's more to come and more color posts. I have so much that I want to share with you.However, I have an idea brewing and it has to do with…

I Need Your Help! Eclectic Gallery Walls

Arrangement 9 with arrangements side for a big photo wall. Then arrangements 3 or 8 as stand alone arrangements

Ikea wire curtain hanger for hanging kids art works (definitely adding to my craft spot or somewhere)

This is not an idea for the house per say, I just liked the idea of having a space for the kids art work n Ikea curtain wire (Dignitet) and office clips display a collection of children's art.