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expedition camping/jeep trailers | Expedition Trailers

Adventure Trailers - Horizon Trailer They also sell parts like awnings, stoves, kitchens, etc.

Foxhound Patrol Vehicle in Afghanistan. Need to build a model of this. :-)

The Ocelot is a small, light and versatile mine resistant patrol vehicle. It is known as the Foxhound in the British Army serice. Vehicle has modular design with interchangeable pods.

Image from http://www.ar15.com/media/viewFile.html?i=56445.

Big X military 813 diesel motorhome truck RV Ultimate Bug-Out vehicle in RVs Campers

13 Badass Bugout Vehicles #survival #preppers

Brutal and Beastly: 13 BADASS Bug Out Vehicles

Monstrous Paramount Marauder Armored Vehicle to Star in First Episode of Top Gear Season 17 - Carscoops

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06672_erC720.jpg (701×555)

22 Awesome Bug Out Vehicles for When the SHTF

How about this for a "Bug Out" vehicle? - Ya just gotta love those scandinavian snow trucks!

Trecol 39294 6×6. You can keep your Hummer.   I want one of these.

Trecol 39294 6x6 - (SILODROME)

Pinner wrote: Trecol 39294 Amphibious Forget your Hummer, I want one of