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You don't need a reason to help people. So true. People ask me why I help people even if they have hurt me. But I believe that every one is a human being and should be helped when needed

from TED Talks:  Amazing Words to Live By...have students collect quotes throughout the year to design their own poster of LIFE

Not just a New Year's resolution: Live your life to the fullest! This is your life, do what you love, and do it often. Start doing things you love. Life is simple. Live your dream and share your passion. This is your Life Manifesto Print.

So many people get stuck in the rut of every day life with constant worry about bills and everything else! If you would like the freedom or flexibility of a job then get in touch today! Send me an email on Bobbierb_210@live.co.uk and I will help you build your own business!

A bucket list is a list of things someone wants to do or see or accomplish before they…well….”kick the bucket”. There are so many different types of bucket lists that range from what to do

life advice :)

100 wise words for a teacher for students to make good choices in life. Definitely worth a read. Puts things into perspective.

Don't Allow Perfection To Steal Your Joy

Inspirational Quotes To Get Through Cancer Inspiring Quotes 7 Quotes That Build Your Confidence During - Quotes of Daily

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Creating graphic art brings me immense joy, my heart soars when I bring design to life and form graphic solutions creatively. I will never stop creating art, it is my life and brings me life. To me - design is joy, design is beauty, design is everything.

“I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.” ~Saul Bass (page 7 'The Designer Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom' by Sara Bader)

Simple rules

7 things that will destroy us. wealth without work pleasure without conscience knowledge without character religion without sacrifice politics without principle science without humanity business without ethics - Mahatma Gandhi

life quote

★★★ "Be happy with what you have while working for what you want. I have no time to ponder over that which has been denied." ~ Helen Keller ☼¨¯`♥

Your dreams can not come true unless you wake up. | Unknown Picture Quotes | Quoteswave

dreams (Could be retitled, Your life can not come true unless you wake up. Be present w others, be mindful of choices, be of service.