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More than $200,000 raised for Skyprowler cargo drone

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Coming from the same company that designed a conceptual VTOL airplane called SkyCruiser, it’s exciting to see they have come up with smaller version of that concept, SkyProwler.

This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)The US Air Force has been strengthening its drone warfare options, including drone-pilot training.

pentagon and air force space craft and drones | The most popular drone in the military’s unmanned air force is ...

Big Hurdles for Army's Tiny Drones

combination of the increase in demands along with thinner resources and manpower has forced a reconsideration of using small UAVs .

Sensacional dron.

Schiebel Camcopter The Schiebel Camcopter is an Austrian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) using a rotorcraft design

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The Israeli Tadiran Mastiff, which first flew in is seen by many as the first modern battlefield UAV, due to its data-link system, endurance-loitering, and live

Can You Curb Wayward Drones With a Dog Fence in the Sky?

Can You Curb Wayward Drones With a Dog Fence in the Sky?

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The Air Force wants you to build their next drone engine | The Air Force announced a $2 million prize for the U.S. citizen who can design the best new engine. It’s the largest prize ever from a military service, according to Air Force Lt. Col. Aaron Tucker.

Highway to the Danger-zone: Airmen load an inert Hellfire missile on a Predator drone in New Mexico in April.

L’armée française se livrera-t-elle prochainement à des exécutions extrajudiciaires par drones interposés au Mali, en Irak ou ailleurs ? Le ministère de la Défense étudie discrètement la question, dans la perspective d’armer les drones états-uniens «...

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Feds Give U. Farmers Rare Approval to Spray Crops From Drones The Yamaha RMAX is large enough to carry tanks of fertilizers and pesticides.