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Christmas: Girly, pastel and pink /karen cox Ice and roses luminary - beautiful!

ice wreath with flowers

❄Winter Pink Whispers❄

❄Winter Pink Whispers❄

bundt ice & winter berries / holiday twinkle

Outdoor Christmas Ice Ring for Porch

Holly ice bowl. Great outdoor candle holder.

ice lantern with holly

front porch idea

bundt cake pan ice - make into beautiful outdoor decor for winter/christmas/holiday season

IJslantaarns van tulband taartvorm, gaaf om zelf te maken voor in de tuin. DIY als het vriest! Bekijk de werkbeschrijving in de bron.

❄️ Winter Holidays ❄️ ice luminary made by freezing water in a bundt pan mold. You can add cranberry and pine for color in the water prior to freezing.

Ice candle holders

How to Make Ice Candles

Creative Juices for Decor: ICE candle holder

ice lantern tutorial    http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-ice-lanterns-74528

How To: Ice Lanterns

make an ice lantern<<<Holy coolness. No pun intended!

These are beautiful outdoor lanterns    1.  take a bucket and fill it with water  2.  add holly leaves, olive branches...whatever you like  3.  take a smaller bucket and put it inside with a rock or something to hold it in place  4.  take it outside to freeze the ice  5.  pull the buckets apart and put a candle inside

make ice bowls with floating candles inside. as the cup melts, the candle will float? or just line the snow walkway outside with ice candle cups

Akonáhle si všimnete na rukách takéto škvrny, okamžite si spravte nasledovné bielidlo, zmeny uvidíte už po pár dňoch | MegaZdravie.sk

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Lanterns made of ice, with cranberries and mint leaves frozen inside, will add cool vibes to your next holiday celebration.

E v e r g r e e n . C h r i s t m a s (candels magic)

E v e r g r e e n . C h r i s t m a s (candels magic)

Frozen Garden Candles From Garden Therapy

Frozen Garden Candles Blend Fire and Ice for a Stunning Display - Garden Therapy

Beautiful Ice Candle Holder Made with a Balloon! — Slop Swap

Balloons filled with water and frozen = Super cool ice sculpture candle holders

Ice Shot Glasses | Keep Drinks Cold & Beautiful By Freezing Mint Or Berries Into The Ice

Shot Glass Ice Mold--keep drinks cold and beautiful by freezing mint or berries into the ice

Winterdeko: Gefrorene Windlichter

Winterdeko: Gefrorene Windlichter