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Glee, “The Quarterback” is a fitting tribute to both Finn Hudson and Cory Monteith

Hey Jude

Hey Jude

Hey Jude by The Beatles is featured in Tina in the Sky with Diamonds, the second episode of.

Kurt grabbing Blaine's tie reminded me of when Blaine did it to Kurt during 'Love Shack'  <3

Oh lord - a gif of the tie-pulling, which is my very favorite part of this hallway scene? I am super jazzed all over again! How many times can I watch this before someone notices?


Awww they all just perfect. ❤️❤️❤️ Glee "A Wedding" - Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Brittany

Google képkeresési találat: http://media.mlive.com/entertainmentnow_impact/photo/music-grammywatch-glee-f3bf52b70e2c2375.jpg

TV Show Challenge - Day Favorite series final - Glee "Journey to Regionals"

'Glee's' Final Season Details Revealed

'Glee's' Final Season Details Revealed

Rachel Berry on Broadway? FOX Confirms Glee Stage Musical ‘in the Works’

Kurt and Blaine #Klaine arguing about living together and Blaine's jealously over Kurt's friendship w/ Elliot Starchild in 5x14 "New, New York"

A sad moment for the Klaine fans but still a moment