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She's my sister. She's my better half. She's my best friend. Love you always first Donald Doodle!


Hereford Beller u think this all the time like when u say kylee is more of a BFF then me because u have known her the longest. Well I have not known u for very long but your always there by my side.

With your best friend

García García García Miller // You're my best friend and life without you would be a tragedy.

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I have me bestest friend and my best friend. When my best friend says something, probably random, my bestest friend and I laugh about who knows what-inside joke. My best friend gets frustrated and loved us anyway 😂😄😙

A best friend

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I have some memories that I'll never forget and I will continue to make memories I'll never forget!!

One million memories, ten thousand inside jokes, one hundred shared secrets, one reason: Best Friend