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Sister Christina, skating in the Poor Clares garden, had to adjust to living on a schedule and keeping silent in the monastery on Cleveland's West Side. "The silence was hard," she says. "I was always around noise -- music, the TV. But the voice of God is very quiet. He speaks to your heart. If it's noisy, you can't hear him."

Sister Christina: Inside the challenging path of becoming a cloistered nun

Barhamsville Poor Clares

Poor Clare Heart Ponderings: Sister Maria Christi Shares Her Investiture Day


Select Language​▼ Valley of Our Lady Monastery is a community of contemplative, Roman Catholic nuns of the Cistercian Order.

What is your charism?  What kind of nun should you be?  What religious order matches your personality?  This quiz is intended for women, but keep in mind there are some religious orders for both men and women.

What Catholic Religious Order Fits Your Personality?

What Catholic Religious Order Fits Your Personality?<<I got Little Sisters of the Poor. Sort of a good quiz to take of you are discerning religious life.


Ceremony and heading of the Spanish Church - RWE Habits - Habits Religious

Poor Clare sisters whose monastery is in Nuns’ Island, Galway, Ireland.

Poor Clare sisters whose monastery is in Nuns’ Island, Galway, Ireland.

The Black Cordelias article "That's How They Roll - The Sisters of Life"

That’s How They Roll – The Sisters Of Life

Learning joy through self-denial from the Sisters of Life: What would cause any woman to trade a successful career for a vowed life of poverty, chastity, and obedience? I wanted to learn more about this vibrant fellowship of women.

Roman Catholic Nuns | Sister Mary Eucharista, 51, a member of the Sisters of Mary, Mother of ...

Mother Superior SisterSister Mary Patrick Sister Mary Lazarus Sister Mary Martian-Of-Tours Sister Mary Theresa Nun Deloris(Costume