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whoever did this is a genius.

oh my gosh i just love this

the infection didnt hit my part of oklahoma i guess until about march so you cant really blame me for not knowing about them... so this hasnt happened to me

Actually most of my friends hate them and the rest don't care.

4/5 have tweeted about the anniversary so far! I'm not crying nope it just a little dirt in my eye or love and adoration whatever you choose

i think zayn is in a secret underground bat cave .

Niall Horan

Niall arriving at Heathrow airport in London this mornin. on Twitpic

Nouis♥ i prefer Niam and Larry, but they're still adorable as always :3

Nouis♥ makes my heart melt

Love Niall's face even more than usual. I think Harry notices his face too(:

Fave meet and greet pic ever

yeah, okay...... *whispers* your already more fit than me....

yeah, okay. *whispers* your already more fit than me.

The film is going to start soon!

This is Us movie premiere

BRANCO!   Destaque para a janela/cortina que ficou parecendo uma luminria gigante

Long showers r the best I wake up at six every morning so I can shower for a while

Actually, I'm more like Raven on the inside and the outside whether listening to them in public or private...

must restrain myself from acting at all effected when plays in public (aka the mall).