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Agave Planter Cozy // Linocut Agave Plant Inspired Design, Hand-Pressed on Soft Cotton Fabric // Modern Homewares, Decorative Planter Cozy

the arrangement. maranta, philodendron micans, philodendron silver, begonia rex. houseplants

the arrangement: maranta, philodendron micans, philodendron silver, begonia rex

Monstera, Areca Plam, Xanadu….

Monstera, Areca Plam, Xanadu…. (Hannasroom.com)

House Plants Foliage Ideas for the Home and some great inspiration for a botanicals home decor theme.

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Looking for a unique houseplant, try an air plant. Xerographica (variety pictured) air plants for their size, color, and interesting texture.


This is just plain dreamy! Yellow wild flowers reaching up to a blue, blue sky with tiny clouds like white cotton candy- delightful!

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{image: Belle Fleur de Lis} The weekend we came back from our summer in the Netherlands I literally went to the first garden shop I could find here in Singapore . it was in Amsterdam already that I decided I.

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WEEKDAYCARNIVAL : Sunny mornings - beautiful Monstera plant leaf in a glass bottle - simple and beautiful

Très joli spécimen de Peperomia argyreia, mis en valeur par le pot blanc et la lumière

Based on the occasion and feel, you can choose a plant in accordance with their distinct growth habits. Try to remember that plants may have a number of poisons.