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22 Halloween Decorations Made Out Of Recycled Pallets Home Accessories

22 Superb Halloween Decorations Using Pallet Wood, Wooden Pumpkins & Decorations

Coffin made out of pallets. Since we deal with a lot of pallets I though this was a great Halloween idea.

Trim the stem on an oblong-shaped pumpkin after carving out a vertical arm, then place a smaller one on top to complete the skeleton's spooky arm.

40+ Pumpkin Carving Ideas You Haven't Tried Yet


SKELETON CAMPFIRE Originally Posted by lewlew Their not modified as much as posed. PVC for the joints and a little elongation. Flourescent orange paint for some eyesocket highlights.

Who would not love this Silly Halloween Tablescape from Glitterville Halloween. I love how everything has eyes! 31 Inspiring Halloween Mantles and Tablescapes to dress up your home this October Season on Frugal Coupon Living.

31 Inspiring Halloween Mantles and Tablescapes

The sense of adventure will never leave us no matter how old we may get. One of the best adventures kids can ever have is Halloween—which is also the perfect excuse for the grown-ups to act child-like once more, if only for one night. But the true charm of Halloween is that all the stuff that should be scary to us just isn’t that scary, but in the contrary, fun and cool. Here are DIYs for Halloween that might curb your decorative rush. Creepy Halloween Front Door Décor Getting creeped out is…

Creepy DIY Halloween Decorations For a Spooky Halloween

"Awesome Pumpkin Scare crow - use chicken wire and branches for body and drape black plastic bags for cloak. this is Burtons scarecrow at the MOMA from 'sleepy hollow'…"