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Bill Snyder captured this spectacular view of a massive cosmic cloud commonly known as Thor's Helmet.

Thor's Helmet: Skywatcher Sees Glowing Gas Space Bubble

#astronomy #space #science

#astronomy #space #science

Thor's Helmet (NGC 2359) and Planetary Nebula, is about 30 light-years across. The helmet is actually more like an interstellar bubble, blown as a fast wind from the bright, massive star near the bubble's center sweeps through a surrounding molecular cloud. Known as a Wolf-Rayet star, the central star is an extremely hot giant thought to be in a brief, pre- supernova stage of evolution. In contrast, the faint, round nebula is a planetary nebula, the gaseous shroud of a dying lower mass star.

Thor's Helmet Nebula: NGC 2359 is an emission nebula about light years, or parsecs distant. In the middle of the "helmet" is star HD This is a rare "Wolf-Rayet" star which has very high mass and may be the progenitor of a supernova.

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The beautiful Trifid Nebula is a colorful study in cosmic contrasts.

Swan nebula in Sagittarius

Swan Nebula Credit : Bill Snyder TMB with Apogee for Color and Planewave with Apogee for Luminance Ha OIII SII Lum Color data upscaled to Luminance. Image scale Feel free to zoom in'

Los objetos Messier: la Nebulosa del Búho (Messier 97) es una nebulosa planetaria, producida por una estrella al final de su vida, a unos 2.600 años-luz de distancia del Sistema Solar. Es una de las nebulosas planetarias más complejas que podemos observar. #astronomia #ciencia

This extraordinary bubble, glowing like the ghost of a star in the haunting darkness of space, may appear supernatural and mysterious, but it is a fam.

Fox Fur Nebula-It looks like someone is riding a horse with dust billowing behind him.

Fox Fur Nebula-It looks like someone is riding a horse with dust billowing behind him.

Monkey Head Nebula

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Omega Nebula Wallpaper images free download

Omega Nebula Wallpaper images free download