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One thing I want to do before I turn 20 is meet rapper Machine Gun Kelly

✨Your hero might wear a cape, but mine is covered in tattoos and saves people through his music✨

Bitch, shut the fuck up, with your fake ass lace up. I got you MGK Love u.

Machine Gun Kelly this dude right here is sooo cute to me!

I love everything Machine Gun Kelly stands for. As a girl actually from Ohio, it's great seeing greatness thrive.

lord knows i've been through hell  back, ducking jail  crack..  still i came out on T-O-P! so this is for the kid who never had a father figure to depend on, spending every school day being sent home. feeling like he doesn't know anybody cause the only thing he ever had to him, was some headphones. so he'd pick a song, and he'd turn it on, every morning just to get him through the day. looking for an escape,  a kick in the bass.. that's the story of MGK, LACE UP!

Richard Colson Baker in 2012 BET Awards - 106 & PARK Pre-Show

Machine Gun Kelly Photos Photos - Rapper Machine Gun Kelly performs at the 2012 BET Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on July 2012 in Los Angeles, California. - 2012 BET Awards - 106 & PARK Pre-Show

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Machine Gun Kelly Interview - Inked Magazine dayuumm he's fine