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Self-portraits made out of natural materials (",)

Reggio Emilia: Child Art - Fairy Dust Teaching (self portrait done with natural materials, so cool)

Pattern making with natural materials | The Imagination Tree

Symmetrical Pattern Making with Natural Materials

Symmetry and Pattern making with natural materials, Providing photos for inspiration at the Mosaic tray would stimulate the idea.

lavoretti per l'autunno 110 e più progetti creativi da realizzare coi bambini 56

let the children play: learning spaces in reggio emilia inspired preschools. Leaf sorting neat little idea for Sof and i to do in the fall

Self portrait using bits of scrap and materials

Self portraits with bits & pieces - love this more than all the other self portrait ideas

Play Dough Portraits: I set out this selection of materials that could be used to represent facial features, hair, etc, & added our homemade play dough.

Sun Hats & Wellie Boots: Play Dough Portraits :: self portrait project :: play dough activities :: all about me topic

Activitats-de-descoberta-un-mateix-cara - Recursos educatius i activitats per a infants, en català - Com aprendre a aprendre

A mirror and a dry erase marker for a self-portrait. This photo would make a fantastic cover for their portrait book.

creating paint color mixes from natural objects in the environment.

creating paint color mixes from natural objects in the environment--art and science provocation

Preparing for self portraits - from provocations and play

self portraits