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Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer is so so so beautiful and I love him as an actor and so so so hot

"Son, I've got word that the green-eyed beauty is up for bidding tonight, seems like tonight, you will be married. I suggest you start packing your bags" "Yes father"

The very sexy Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer as Romeo (film and stage)

Alex Pettyfer - Painstakingly close to my definition of perfection

Alex Pettyfer with smokey cloudy background!

asdfghjkll; why do i get all giddy and flutter my feet when i see this man?..oh yeah because he is British...and hot..and has an accent

Alex Pettyfer cast as Alexander "AJ/Xander" Jones

My personal favorite style: School Prep!!

As a high school-er.


The guys who made our hot male actors under 30 list are all as good-looking as they are talented and definitely deserve recognition.

I'm sorry but this is who I imagined as Finnick in Catching Fire...

Alex Pettyfer: From Number Four to Hot Number - Marienela

alex pettyfer - AOL Image Search Results

Men’s Surfer Hairstyles For Summer Time

So if Alex Pettyfer want to be Mr. Grey, no objection from me.  As long as the other option is Ryan Gosling.

Alex Pettyfer -my choice to play Christian grey!

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer [from Magic Mike]

Cas (Dave Franco) for Altered - Jennifer Rush

Dave Franco, younger brother of James Franco.dave is cuter

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i always like a man with a handsome smile :) oh Cam why must you be so hot!

Alex Pettyfer To Front ‘Endless Love’ Remake | Male Celeb News

Alex Pettyfer To Front ‘Endless Love’ Remake

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Alex Pettyfer -- I see him as Ethan in Fifty Shades.

Alex Pettyfer

After seeing "Magic Mike," I'm thinking Alex Pettyfer may just be able to handle the role of Christian Grey. :) (Although, the Christian in my head still looked more like John Krasinski!