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Attention Children: The Bathroom Door is CLOSED

Attention Children The Bathroom Door is Closed .I want to put this on each bathroom door! I so should do this!

terribly funny but it looks like it works

REDNECK chair and teething ring. you eat the watermelon and baby gets a new chair and snack. Itis a Win/Win hahaha

The 7 Worst Things You Can Say To Your Child

The 7 Worst Things You Can Say To Your Child

Ranks right up there with "you will understand when you are older" as being the worst parenting statements EVER!


"Some people don't sleep because they have insomnia. I can't sleep because I have internet connection." a little true :)

I laughed so hard at this

When a man is in charge…

popcorn seeds, butter sponges, and snowman poop. can we take a moment for him.

It must be done. by amelia

These just sound like fantastic things to do. 20 ways to keep a healthy amount of insanity

Someday. This is what I yearn for.

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This guy knows what he's doing...my grandpa did something similar and the cops came running! It does work

This guy knows what he’s doing…

Funny pictures about Calling the cops like a boss. Oh, and cool pics about Calling the cops like a boss. Also, Calling the cops like a boss photos.

Every mommy should read this. I may not be a perfect mommy by your standards, but my kid thinks I'm pretty great.

The Scary Mommy Manifesto

The Scary Mom Manifesto. Motherhood is scary and tough enough without us tearing each other apart. Just except each other.