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Norman Reedus — PICS

The name of the show should be changed from Walking Dead to Riding Daryl. And have more scenes of Daryl riding a motorcycle and killing shit. So many more people would watch.

Darryl Dixon played by Norman Reedus is my other favourite character on TWD. He is a renegade and survivalist which has kept him alive for 4 seasons. Pretty damn good with a bow & arrow. He rarely shows his soft side but he does have one. He's everybody's friend but nobody's lover and stays at an emotional distance.

By far my favorite character on TWD. He's so hot and a bad ass! Gotta love a man with a crossbow and a motorcycle!

Ha Ha...who wouldn't?!  :)  norman reedus as daryl dixon

Bahaha honestly he kicks zombie ass and looks good doin it, he can smell however he wants. <- met him at sac comic con and he smells just fine!

My favorites: Norman Reedus and Steven Yeun.

36 Photos Of Norman Reedus That Will Give You A Zombie Boner

Daryl Dixon: The Walking Dead Season 3

28 Reasons why Daryl Dixon is The Walking Deads sexiest man - funny and really weird. If I were the dude who plays that guy and I saw this, I would be so creeped out. It's pretty funny though.

Norman Reedus ~ one of my Boondock Saints ;D

norman reedus I never been with a non biker. I'am in my early now an have always ridin my own bikes. But I do love a long legged man . You can just crawl on them an ride them all night, like a good bike.

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Afternoon eye candy: Johnny Depp (30 photos)

Johnny Depp- One of my favorite actors of all time. Like top He is a gorgeous thing to look at