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Illustration | Vagabond バガボンド - 宮本武蔵 | Inoue Takehiko     #InoueTakehiko #井上雄彦

Vagabond by INOUE Takehiko, Japan. This would make a beautiful book cover.


Tags: Blade Of The Immortal, Art Oficial, Manji (Personagem), Samura Hiroaki


Samurai Inspired Art Collection

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Japanese archery, Kyudo, is a beautiful art that brings back The ancient skill of the Samurai caste. Practitioners focus more on the synergy between bow and arrow and archer as opposed to the actual result, similar to meditation.

Ronin Artprint by Nicklas Gustafsson #samurai #ronin #warrior

Ronin Art Print

Mỹ nữ

Left Arm: Miko Archer + Crows: This pose would be nearly perfect if turned 180 degrees to face out (maybe with right hand out, preparing to nock arrow to bow).