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Read First Detention Day from the story The Trickster

Borrowing dvds from Gabriel by Wind-up-Owl on DeviantArt #Geek

Borrowing dvds from Gabriel by ~Wind-up-Owl on deviantART <-- If the short pizza man loves the tall muscular babysitter, why is he spanking him? Has he been bad? Very bad indeed

Awww Cas

Happy valentines day from Gabriel from supernatural<< aww poor Cas

Gabriel's dog dickie supernatural - Google Search

Page 2 Read Short story from the story Supernatural one-shots (Destiel/Sabriel Fanfiction) by Bookish_penguin (ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ) with reads.

Sam need his own angel and I think Gabriel is just faking being dead because I know that he would have been way smarter and put 2 fake home so he could just get away easily but he had to sit back so he could get the Winchester to stop lucifer

SAMMY I LOVE YOUR SHIRT. I KNEW YOU STILL LOVED ME!!!<---Who said I still loved you?

Gabriel hugging a platapus wbilst shipping himself with a moose thats been possesed by satan.

I can't stop laughing

Awwwwww how cute. I literally just spat everywhere