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Drug-Using Visionaries

"TIL Psychologist Timothy Leary designed tests given to prisoners. After being convicted of drug crimes, he answered his tests in such a way that he was assigned to work as a gardener at a low-security prison from which he escaped"

Morphine + Chloroform, prescribed for coughing.

Pre Morphorm - Morphine and Chloroform Cough Syrup was made by G. I would like to try some of this cough syrup.

☞ MD ☆☆☆ ~~A Noble Attempt To Produce The First INSULIN Pill!~~.  Islet of Langerhans are those special cells in the pancreas that made insulin.  The early endocrine business was based mostly on animal parts--sliced, dried and powdered.  Adrenal glands, ovaries, thyroids, etc. were the major products.

A noble attempt to produce the INSULIN Pill!~ Islands of Langerhans are pancreatic cells producing insulin. The early endocrine business was based mostly on animal parts--sliced, dried & powdered.

Hermann Hesse writing  © Fondazione Hermann Hesse Montagnola

Official site of the Museum and the Fondazione Hermann Hesse Montagnola.

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Life Magazine, March 25, 1966. I loved so much of the 60's culture; it's amazing we all came out okay!

LIFE — March The exploding threat of the mind drug that got out of control: LSD See more photos here.

Cannabis, chloroform, morphine and alcohol -- all together in a delightful combination! Say goodbye to that nasty cough, and -- sweet dreams!

Massengill Company doesn't just make douches, but cough cures And not just with cannabis, but chloroform and morphine to boot.

Allen Ginsberg: A beat poet, Ginsberg gave a harsh description of the world he saw around him in his writing.

Allen Ginsberg - Biografia do escritor

Allen Ginsberg Dancing to the Grateful Dead. Human Be-In GG Park 1967