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Photo by Erika Larsen for National Geographic: Picture of Nez Perce Katie Harris with her horse Ollocot Pendleton, Oregon

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Tiragliatori-granatieri e volteggiatori della guardia imperiale

El General de Brigada francés Dubreton es asediado por 35.000 Anglo portugueses del general Wellington, octubre de 1812 en el castillo de Burgos

Siege of Burgos, Sept-Oct I haven't verified that any personnel of the Regiment were at Burgos. Most say they were in Madrid, but one account indicated that a few companies went to Burgos. I need to know this before writing the withdrawal to Portugal.

Dragoni della guardia imperiale francese

Imperial Guard Dragoons ("Empress Dragoons") in the oporządzeniu field.

Carica dei corazzieri francesi

Cuirassiers, unsupported by artillery or infantry charge the field at Waterloo and assault the Anglo-Allied squares.