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Reminds me of my old gameboy...

The 1939 Pontiac Plexiglas Deluxe Six "Ghost Car" was the highlight of New York World’s Fair and was the first transparent car bui.

A Beetle decorated in the Huichol style of beading now on display at the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico City

::Volkswagen Beetle covered in over million beads in Huichol style on display at the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico City:: - Volkswagen Beetle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


15 Awesome Customized Cars Promoting Products By Julian, Business Pundit , 20 June The use of promotional cars peaked in.

This diamond-studded, mink-furnished Mercedes SL600, worth $4.8 million, was unveiled at a Dubai auto show to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mercedes Benz SL550 in 2007.      BLING!!!

Diamond-Studded Mercedes Worth $4.8 Million

After updating you on the anniversary collection of Mercedes; we now bring to you the flashy, glitzy, diamond covered Mercedes SL class.

We are a local Sunshine Coast family owned and operated business that carry on a family passion for VW's, through more than 35 years of experience within a local VW mechanical and restoration business, we have now in addition moved into the VW Kombi hire service. Let us share our passion and experience with VW's with you

Deluxe Kombi Service are a family-run business offering a fully-chauffeured Kombi limousine service to the Sunshine Coast with our rare Kombi Vans.

Autos antiquísimos / This year, Ford is celebrating the 150th birthday of founder Henry Ford. Its...

Included link to the most popular cars at the Detroit auto show. This year, Ford is celebrating the birthday of founder Henry Ford. Its area at the auto show included a 1903 Model A, the oldest surviving Ford car.

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