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"This game was all the internet we needed. #tbt (@90sfest)" Photo taken by @betches on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! http://www.instapinapp.com (06/18/2015)

I so remember this game! The little monster thing scared me every time!

Boy Meets World

So true. Loved Boy Meets World. Taught us all more real life lessons. Sad that all teens have these days is Jersey Shore and Teen Mom.


YES I played this all the time when I was like 8 and had a mini heart attack every time

Every time.

roller coaster tycoon funny Omg i loved this game and i did drown my unhappy guest, guilty.

OhhEmmGee.! XD

Funny pictures about I didn't get this joke when I was little. Oh, and cool pics about I didn't get this joke when I was little. Also, I didn't get this joke when I was little.

The balloon game is one of the best games that I play with my nephew and my parents. A fun time for all ages!

The Amanda Show, totally Kyle

Just stumbled across this cool page for 90s Kids

Out of all the 90's posts, this is absolutely the most accurate one. I had EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things. No. Joke. :O

Makes you miss your childhood like crazy. When was the last time I even had French Toast Crunch?

Brooke Cunningham

Full Versions of 11 Disney Channel Movies from The Early For those rainy days. Seriously the best movies ever! What went wrong with Disney Channel?

Hahahaha laughed out loud at this. I said this to my brother ALL the time!!!

kid - I thought it was girls go to mars get candy bars and boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider

Crazy Courtney | 11 Most Memorable Skits On The Amanda Show-I just might be crazy enough to do this at the talent show:)

Community Post: 11 Most Memorable Skits On The Amanda Show

child -- when anyone met me "my name is Courtney" "mah hah! I enabled it though, "mah hah!

how you can tell if you grew up in the 90s

Long before Nickelodeon there was a Canadian TV show that slimed people called "You Can't Do That On Television"

15 Things Every Kid In The ‘90s Can Relate To

15 Things Every Kid In The ‘90s Can Relate To

Excellent Hunger Games

Hungry Hungry Hippos - loved this game as a kid! Bought one for my kids - BIG mistake-LOL! Very LOUD game!

Back in the day my kind of flirting was touching my crushes thumb while playing heads up seven up yup