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Yes I do this!

Yes, I dance (and sing) in my car. Yes, I see you staring at me. No, I don't care.


I call my cat a traitor because he will leave me to go cuddle with my sister.

Yeah, later I'm going through the conversation in my head and I honk of an amazing comeback

Teenager Post I envy people that come back with witty comebacks on the spot because I'm gonna need at least a 3 day notice.

but wanting so much to "get up and go"!

Relatable Post I pretty much spend all day, every day, just looking forward to going back to sleep. So true and so me.

another one for you Tricia! the look on your face trying to get our movie tix = priceless! :)

ALL THE TIME. this is so true! i hate people but i dont want to be stuck at home


Relatable Post: That annoying moment when you can't find the long side of your blanket

That goes for FB statuses too! Lol!

And most of the time I verbally give my opinion.don't want my opinion, don't talk so loud😉

Gotta try this...LOL..

If you think someone is staring at you, yawn. If they yawn, they were staring. Too funny!

Again, senior citizen and teenager in sync.  Jams are fashion statements. j

A plus side to being my friend is that you can totally come to my house in your pajamas and I won't judge you. because I will also be in my pajamas.

True story

Naps are tricky. if I wake up unaware of the year, I just go back to sleep and wake up refreshed later.


this is my life.always stepping on kitty cat tails and puppy dog feet!

This is so true.

Teenager Post : Let's play the "how much time can I waste before I start crying about how stressed I am because I'm procrastinating my life away" game

SO. FREAKING. TRUE. Half the time I'd do anything for my sister and I play with her and stuff, and the other half her presence irritates me.

very true right now with my sister I'm like ill help you hide the body with my brother I'm like don't even breathe in my direction!