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Maru (jap. まる, ur. 24 maja 2007) – japoński kocur rasy szkocki fold z prostymi uszami (scottish fold with straight ears), którego nagrania filmowe zyskały sobie dużą popularność za pośrednictwem serwisu YouTube – każdy z nich notuje ponad milion odsłon. Dzięki nim stał się również bohaterem spotów reklamowych i artykułów


If We Lived in a World Without Cats, empty boxes would stay empty.

Những chú mèo cute nổi tiếng Internet 1

This is Maru, the very famous Japanese kitty. I have tons of photos that I will be sharing with you on this board. Maru loves boxes and will squeeze into the smallest ones, no matter what. Besides my own, he is my favorite kitty.

Maru <3  http://sisinmaru.blog17.fc2.com/

Maru the cat (まる 猫) - Baby Maru omg! a kitten pic of the fabulous Maru!

maru and hana cat

Hana just turned Maru watched her grow up. Hana just turned Photos by Mugumogu.



Golden Chiara of Britain Yard*LV British Shorthair Black Golden Tabby Blotched BRI ny 22

Coppershine // golden-brown tabby she-cat; sister to Leapordbreeze and Brindlebreeze, mother to Firestem, Mousethroat, and Whitefire