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Photo of the damage done to one of the vehicles involved in the accidents. (Source: Provided by accident victim)

Report: Drunk driver crashes into 2 cars, severely injures woman's spine

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30 Lower Back Tattoo Designs

Mandala Corset Tattoo by iris-flower. Love the way a corset tat looks in the back.not so sure about the front.

I love the 3D effect of this tattoo by #ChaimMachlev, very fututistic, to me It looks like it was some sort of prosthetic arm or something.

18 Incredibly Intricate Geometric Tattoos

What happens when you blend tattoo art and optical illusion together? Awesome tattoos that are a wonderful display of creativity and inspiration.

Тату, девочки и эскизы

Mandala back tattoo - A wider range of mandala tattoos in black. They are best seen in black ink and incorporate well detailed designs inside the circle as well as some minor details outside.