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You must have went to many comic or movie conventions and seen people in armor costumes that are very expensive to buy. Now you can make one of your own .With this video tutorial you will learn how to create costume armors of your own. Can't wait to watch go ahead. Video: . Links in the video Pepakura Viewer Pepakura Tutorial Resing & Fiberglass tutorial

How to Make Incredible Cosplay Armor

Candy Costume Dress http://lolhalloween.funp...

Pun costumes for halloween are clever and awesome. This Trophy Wife pun costume idea for women is hot and sexy!

How to make Big sword ( (Shin Sangoku Musou6(Dynasty Warrior6) - Kanpei) - GYAKUYOGA [Tutorial of Cosplay weapon,aromor,prop]

How to make Big sword ( (Shin Sangoku - Kanpei) - GYAKUYOGA [Tutorial of Cosplay weapon,aromor,prop]


Blue is a great choice for something different and exciting. Take a look at these hairstyles for some awesome color inspiration. From deep blue to light blue-green and purple-ish blue the right co…

Manabizzle Creations: Divine Soraka Staff Tutorial

I've been playing League of Legends (free to play) for a while now and I mainly play supports. Even though I do not main Soraka, I believ.


im gonna attempt a madame vastra cosplay from doctor who and ill be using a latex mask. i have no idea how im gonna make it and i wondered if there was any more info on latex mask besides the info in th tutorial list? im thinking about making a head piece