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Tumblr Tuesday 7-15


We had to create fake shampoo commercials for writing class because we were doing advertisements and one group put some glowing shit in there and turned off the lights and said (I think it was like glozo or something) "glozo- brighter than your future"

This would so be me.

Apparently it's been one of those days when even this seems like a legitimate possibility.

It's 2:51 in the morning and I can't laugh so I keep quietly snorting because of this XD

I automatically read "french friend" as "French Fries" so I was confused when he acknowledged the mistake because I didn't even notice it.


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Whiteboards are remarkable.

43 Deep Tumblrs

lot of people are passionate about whiteboards, and also I noticed the pun strait away!

Going places.

Modern Rapunzel gets a hair cut. Modern Rapunzel is goin places.