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Noctis(right) from Final Fantasy looks a lot like Sasuke(left) from Naruto

That's cute lol #anime #memes #funny #manga

Although I do not ship Naruto and that girl (I forgot her name) this is still very cute!


Naruto 30 Day Challenge: Day my favorite summoning animal are the Toads from Mount Myoboku!

Naruto Shippuden, Cosplay

Naruto Shippuden, Cosplay

DONT Call me lame, a geek, whatever...i got sucked into this show and i like it lol CALL ME OTAKU !!!!!

Call me lame, call me a geek, call me whatever. I got sucked into this show and I like it!) Naruto & Jiraiya, Master and student, one of my favorites scenes!

Let It All Out & I'll Pick Up The Pieces. i love shikamaru's dad. <3 this scene was just so much feels. i was crying.

One of the times I actually cried while watching Naruto. Not only that but Shikamaru's dad is the best dad in the whole anime that we actually meet in a way