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Este nudibrânquios é chamado Costasiella kuroshimae. Tem apenas alguns milímetros de comprimento e se alimenta de algas verdes, Avrainvillea . Esta espécie tem o nome da ilha Kuro, nas Ilhas Yaeyama, do Japão, onde foi encontrado pela primeira vez.

ftcreature: “ Little Leaf Sheep Nudibranch Grazes Adorably Underwater This is going to shock you, but the creature you’re looking at is a sea slug, or nudibranch.

The opalescent nudibranch is a predatory mollusk with no shell.

The opalescent nudibranch is a predatory mollusk with no shell. David Hall's Encounters in the Sea Gallery

Sea Slug (chromodoris kuniei - nudibranch) ~ By Artefax Jericho

Sea Slug (chromodoris kuniei - nudibranch) ~ I have beads that look like this.shes a beauty.

Mundo colorido dos nudibrânquios

Mundo colorido dos nudibrânquios

Lettuce slug, Curacao... I usually don't care for slugs, however this one knows how to pull off those colors .

Lettuce slugs are sapsucking slugs with lots of ruffled skin flaps and varying greatly in color.

You can never have too many nudibrachs.

*SAGAMINOPTERON PSYCHEDELICUM NUDIBRANCH ~ Originally described from Guam, this animal is now known from many parts of the tropical western Pacific Maximal size : 20 mm. Frequently on the reef flat zone and the fore reef zone. (psychedelicum, indeed.

Nudibranch by David Benz: A nudibranch is a member of Nudibranchia, a group of soft-bodied, marine gastropod mollusks which shed their shell after their larval stage.

Chromodoris quadricolor Nudibranch See plenty in Mozambique and Sodwana, South Africa

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This is a bubble snail known as a Miniature Melo (Micromelo undata) which shares the same class (Gastropoda) as the nudibranchs.the beauty of being a bio major