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10 rules for doing a detox diet cleanse, actually realistic and healthy! Not some crash diet, just helpful hints to keep your body healthy during a cleanse!

How to keep produce fresher, longer

Why I Eat Organic Apples, and Why You Should, Too: "Coach" Mark Smallwood, executive director of the Rodale Institute, explains his reasons for choosing organic apples. Important as we enter peak apple season!

Avocado is a very versatile fruit. Its creamy flavor goes well with many foods, making it a refreshing and nutritious addition to various recipes. Try adding it to your salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and even dips. Avocados can also be beneficial when used topically, as they have nourishing and moisturizing properties. Even the oil extracted from Continue Reading

Discover avocados uses and benefits through The Amazing Avocado: Facts About This Fruit infographic, and learn why this food should be part of your diet.

Whole Foods Blog Finder to click to informative, fun postings on whole foods plant-based diet; weight loss; health and specific diseases; success stories, quotes, inspiration and commitment.

Perfect Formula Diet book (Janice Stanger) a whole foods, plant-based diet Perfect Formula Diet

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