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Pictures of Monkeys - Spider Monkeys, Baby Capuchin Monkey, Cute Baby Squirrel, Cute Funny Monkeys.

As a child I had a squirrel monkey like this. I used to be in the Rodeo Parade as an organ grinder. Cookie, a beloved pet for 15 years

Up Close and Personal with a Baby Squirrel Monkey

On February the Edmonton Valley Zoo welcomed a tiny baby squirrel monkey. For the next six to ten weeks, the curious but cautious baby will hitch a ride on its mom's and aunts' backs. Until the baby becomes a.

Capuchin Monkeys....I know them well!

White-faced Capuchin Monkey Mother And Baby Greeting Card for Sale by Larry Linton

This image of a white-faced capuchin monkey mother and baby was captured in the Costa Rican rain forest.

What else to assume. LOL

Humorous sad monkey photo with captions: People assume I like bananas. After all you are a monkey.

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A cheeky monkey sticks out his tongue at British photographer Andrew Forsyth in Gibraltar. Mr Forsyth, from Brighton, East Sussex, said the baby was safe in the arms of his mother, a dominant female in the group of Barbary macaques.

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Awww, he looks like he's having a bad dream!

Baby Monkey

Pictures of Monkeys, Spider Monkey, Baby Capuchin Monkey, Squirrel Monkey