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partially fuzzy cute!

Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

If you're feeling down, here's a picture of a shaved llama (or alpaca)


Happy face baby photo with a caption: I have a surprise for you. It's poop. Are you tired of cleaning after your sweetie or you enjoy dong it?

haha Reminds me of SquirrelBear... 50% Squirrel 50% Bear... All fierce! LoL

Llamacorn, my new favorite animal. Have you all heard of the whole Uncorns exist in New Zealand thing? Well, Llamacorns probably do, too(considering that they are cousins and all)

Difference between llamas and alpacas-my husband would intentionally call an alpaca a llama to irritate me. I should send this to him

the difference between llamas and alpacas. basically alpacas are friendly looking and llamas always look like they are judging you Ludtke-Thompson. Maybe Justin would let you have an Alpaca?

be nice to nerds, they grow up to be hot!  (note: beiber isn't a nerd, so this logic applies here)

They’ll never have a girlfriend

before/after pics. will they or won't they grow up to have girlfriends? HAHA Dying over Neville, (holy hotness) George Clooney (um yesss), Mario LOL, and Justin Bieber!

I'm pretty sure when the Beach Boys sang "let's go surfin now, everybody surfin now" they weren't picturing this!

The Week in Pictures: March 13-19, 2010

Domingo Pianezzi is a surfer in Peru. People have trained animals like dogs to surf. Pisco is the first ever alpaca to ride a wave at San Bartolo beach in Lima, Peru.

Mhmmm  ~ of ghosts and men

"An adventure? Alpaca my bags!" - 15 animal puns ewe can't live without.

Caterpillar with iron man face. Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 74 Pics

come here, i gotta secret for you! i'm eating your ear. thats my secret.

Super Cute Animals Showing Affection

Alpaca Romance Do you know how to tell the difference between an alpaca and a llama? Llamas are about twice as large as alpacas, and alpacas can actually learn tricks!

Different types of llamas MEME

Funny pictures about Different types of llamas. Oh, and cool pics about Different types of llamas. Also, Different types of llamas photos.

#엠카지노 하자. 어찌 되었든 본인이 택한 길이었으니까. 그러나 어린 아이의릴게임바다 경우라면 얘기는 전혀 달라진다. 양보를 할 수도, 해서도 안릴게임바다 되는 일이 아닐는지. 어른들의 밥줄을 위해 스스로를 돌보지 못하는 아이들을 비호감의 늪으로 밀어 넣어서야 되겠는가.먼저 드라마 하나를 예로 들어보자. SBS <아내의 유혹>으로 스타 작

Funny pictures about Misunderstood emo alpaca. Oh, and cool pics about Misunderstood emo alpaca. Also, Misunderstood emo alpaca photos.

yearbook photos, pics and quotes

Did you actually know?

Funny yearbook moments and quotes. Totally reminds me of my yearbook quote. Did I really put that my fav song was "back that thang up" by juvenile?

man... i wish i had that bike for my best sister... people can hate, but she stays strongly weird... :]

Karl Pilkington's Wing Walk Makes Me Get Happy

Where can I get a unicorn bike? Omg like do totally AWESOME! Haters gonna hate, unicorns gonna be on my bike.

:) This made me choke on my icedtea. & I thought shaving down my cat, that gets massively matted if left alone, was funny!

Shaved Alpaca - it gets funnier the longer you look at it. llamas/alpacas are sort of becoming our thing

Expand this -- SO good!! Hahah!

Omgosh, too funny! Nailed it! For all of us who see idea's on pintrest and then are totally able to nail it! laugh out loud funny