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Persian kitten

Sugar Plum By Tsybina Natali - Persian kitten, long excluding the tail 22 santimetra. Made of faux fur. Has the skeleton and carcass weight of his bent limbs, joints, turns his head. It takes the natural posture of a cat. Eyes copyrights glass, plastic no

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Teacup Persian -- What makes them popular and prominent is shortened muzzle and long fur. Teacup Persians are of modest and undemanding disposition. They are very playful and funny, and look like fluffy balls.

You Like Cats And Corgis. So How About Both

You Like Cats And Corgis. So How About Both?

The Munchkin is a cat breed created by a naturally occurring genetic mutation that results in cats with abnormally short legs. They are dachshunds among cats. The Munchkin is a cat breed cr


Little white kitten staring lovingly. Has green eyes. Cats and kittens of all shapes and sizes.