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Crystal Mace by StudsNjewlz on Etsy, $28.00

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rock, paper, scissors, shoo!  Loved that game and now a necklace for it?!  SWEET! <3

Rock, Paper, Scissors pendant

Rock Paper Scissor Necklace - SO cute! Reminds me of my relationship w/my husband. We've always used rock paper scissors to decide who will do things

This Shore Project Rose gold watch is perfect for stacking with your other gold bracelets and cuffs.

Vintage pocket watch case filled with ocean treasures to make a stunning necklace. Stone Street Studio (this is Sea Glass ya Land Lubber ❤️™)

mr hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock homage silhouette necklace in black stainless steel - horror film noir geekery portrait

Gold and Silver Grenade Necklace Set

Bombs away with these sweet grenade necklaces that any dude would be thrilled to receive this Christmas.

H.P. Lovecraft | Elder Sign Necklace

The famous Elder Sign (pentacle with flaming eye) pendant, handcrafted by myself from epoxy clay and painted brass and bronze then varnished. This pendant comes on a black waxed cord necklace with slipknots for length adjustment.

Harry potter  Harry Potter Snitch and Owls Charm by happygarden999, $7.99

Harry potter , Harry Potter Snitch and Owls Charm Bracelet--black Wax Cords and Leather Braided Bracelet