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be a urban beekeeper

Urban apiaries create a buzz in cities across the globe. Be it on the rooftops of Melbourne's Federation Square or atop Hong Kong's skyscrapers, urban apiaries are thriving all around the world.

Langstroth's hive was fitted with a comb honey super.

Langstroth& original hive was designed for Comb Honey production as seen in this photo. Langstroth offered this hive for sale without gla.

Top Ten Bee Facts – Infographic

9 Amazing Bee Facts Infographic humans interfering with bees…no.

The waggle dance

Waggle Dance

dance language of honey bees web. The Dance Language of Honeybees infographics

How to Get Started Keeping Bees (Simple and “Instant” Beekeeping) | Appalachian Feet

BEE KEEPING How to get started keeping bees - tons of information and links out!

Box Bee Hive | Best Bee Hive Plans | Build a Hive & Help the Bees | Guide To Beginner Beekeeping by Pioneer Settler at http://pioneersettler.com/best-bee-hive-plans-build-a-hive-help-the-bees/

Beehive Plans For Beekeeping On The Homestead

Brancusi Hive (5-sided hive)~ Ron Breland's Hive; brilliant idea to redesign/ re imagine how a beehive should look like with a focus on supporting the bee's optimal nature rather than our convenience for stealing their food.

information about visionary beekeeper Ron Breland& dodecahedron hive. artwork in the apiary