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1974.  I loved, loved, loved this book.!

Where Did The Baby Go - Little Golden Book - Eloise Wilkin illustrations

Eloise Wilkin - This was my absolute favorite book... In fact, I have it displayed on a shelf in my sewing room.

I loved this book wen I was little because the little girl was named Carol and I sort of looked like her.

Good Memories

Little Golden Books Captain Kangaroo, Illustrations by Art Seiden, Cover "Captain Kangaroo", Little Golden Book, 1956 Story by Kathleen N.

Illustrator: Eloise Wilkin...had this one when I was a kid. Gorgeous!

One of their favorite books. Vintage Little Golden Book Hansel and Gretel, illustrations by Eloise Wilkin


Teddy Ruxspin ( definitely my favorite toy. i loved his "love songs" tape) Glo Worm Rainbow Brite Care Bears

My grandmother loves using these things to decorate cookies. I, on the other hand, did NOT!

Dragees - a type of "sprinkle" used in cake and cookie decorating! They were small, hard, silver balls of candy!

Fashion Plates - they brought these back!! Saw some in Target the other week. May grab one for Adalyn to have when shes a little bit older. One of my favorites

LOVED this - Fashion Plates! For a short while I thought I would be able to be a clothing designer because my fashion plate colorings looked so good.