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Katherine of Aragon: Now it seems I must cease to call myself Queen. Even though I was crowned so, and anointed. They say if I refuse the King will withdraw his fatherly love for my daughter. I shall not yield. - the tudors

Queen Elizabeth's Virginal

With its variety of different decoration techniques and luxurious materials, the keyboard instrument known as the Queen Elizabeth’s Virginal, which evidently belonged to the ‘Virgin Queen’, is a very interesting example of fine Venetian craftsmanship.

on of my heroines Catherine of Aragon...the face of faith in the midst of her storm!!

Maria Doyle Kennedy as Katherine of Aragon - Henry's first true love, his first Queen. She died in exile of a broken cancerous heart. She was the mother of Mary Tudor, former Queen of England.

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Henry VIII and his six wives (in order) by reconstruction artist M.A. Ludwig

Henry VIII and his six wives (in order) by reconstruction artist M. Queen Catherine of Aragon, Queen Anne Boleyn, Queen Jane Seymour, Queen Anne of Cleves, Queen Catherine Howard and Queen Catherine Parr.

30 April 1536 - Henry VIII is angry with Anne Boleyn - The Anne Boleyn Files