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DIY Sensory Board Fun for Children

Baby Basketball:  Find a small basket or box and 10-12 ball pit balls.  Show your child how much fun it is to put the balls into the basket, dump them out and do it again!  You can encourage counting skills, color identification, color labeling, or just learning to say the word “ball” with this exciting activity.

10 Ways to keep a toddler busy with everyday household materials you probably already have on hand! What great ways to get toddlers moving!

I knew that I wanted to do a fun project involving the tops from baby wipes containers ever since I saw this post from I Can Teach My Child on Pinterest.  I started saving wipes lids and was inspir...

Peek-a-Boo Sensory Board

This is AWESOME!  I want one of these!  Man...I need to get busy!!  The kiddos would LOVE this.

Locks & Latches Fine Motor Activity Board

The Locks & Latches Activity Board makes a great Fine Motor activity center for any child friendly area. This educational toy features a variety of every day activities that kids need to master.

Sensory wall, loveee this for the toddlers want to make soo badly!

Sensory Wall shared by The EYLF Page . An inspiring idea for show and tell ~ send home a piece of cardstock.and on each childs' presentation day, voila! An artifact to add to the wall, and a discussion/ jumping off point.-I like the sensory wall.

Ein beschäftigt Board für Kinder von 1-3 Jahren. Größe: 40 x 80 cm (16 x 32 Zoll). Gewicht ca. 4 kg. Alle Artikel sind sicher befestigt. Für die Sicherheit Ihres Kindes muss die Aufsicht von Erwachsenen. Dieses Spielzeug hilft Selbsthilfe Fähigkeiten zu entwickeln. Hier finden Sie die Elemente, die die Aufmerksamkeit des Kindes zu gewinnen: ein Haus mit verschiedenen Befestigungen und Bilder Ausschneiden aus Stoff, Lichtschalter, rote Lampe (Batterien nicht enthalten), Rad, drehen mit Knopf…

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