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Everytime you smoke, so does your child.

We've all seen Anti Smoking Ads at some point in our lives. They leave us with a disturbing image making us want to turn away. Anti Smoking ads are very common in today's world, we

Snus News & Other Tobacco Products: India - pictorial warning will appear on every tobacco pack sold from June 1 , 2010..

Smoking may be a habit for some and may even comfort you, but results in more tensions & health problems.Whatever reason you may have had for starting to smoke, forget about.

Stoptober: Are You Giving Yourself The Best Chance To Quit? @ Pinfographics

Have you heard of Stoptober? Starting October it’s the first ever mass quit smoking attempt happening in the UK. The idea is that quitting tog

Stylish infographic puts a new spin on anti-smoking | Infographic | Creative Bloq

Stylish infographic puts a new spin on anti-smoking

New Mindset - New Results - How to exercise after quitting smoking

How To Get Back In Shape After Quitting Smoking

Observe the following posters. Choose THREE to focus on. Comment on how effective they are as informational tools. Consider the following and respond for each of the three posters you choose: What&…

Informative poster examples.

Smoking is very dangerous! Most people who smoke began smoking at a very young age! Don't let smoking damage your health.

12 ways that smoking rots you from the inside out. Today is a good day to quit!

Anti-smoking campaign highlights how cigarettes 'rot the body from the inside'

12 ways that smoking rots you from the inside out. Today is a good day to quit!

Irving Penn for Clinque Again, love having product pages that feel artistic. Showing your audience that you're testing out new things alongside them, helping them discover something new in a visually appealing way.


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It’s called suicide because it’s your choice. Give up smoking. Anti Smoking Help Line Ad by Mercury 360

The truth behind smoking in cars, by British Lung Foundation. www.thefilterwales.org

The toxic truth behind smoking in cars with children. A British Lung Foundation infographic, taking a look at the effects of smoking in cars with children.

SMOKING KILLS, Anti-smoking Awareness, Impact BBDO, Alghanim Medical Services, Print, Outdoor, Ads  Smoking kills

The Outdoor Advert titled SMOKING KILLS was done by Impact & Echo Kuwait advertising agency for Alghanim Medical Services in Kuwait.