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Women in Business While this one may be directed at women in business, it certainly can apply to a much larger demographic. The message conveyed by the Women in Business Manifesto is another example of typography imagery done well.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People…. I still keep this in my day planner!

Knowing your life & personal values - from the great book 7 Habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey.

These TED Talks are seriously worth your time.

15 TED Talks That Will Change Your Life

These TED Talks are seriously worth your time. WATCH NUMBER 5 and Great motivation and thought provoking ideas

holstee manifesto poster download free - Google Search

Pennis Enlargement - Our Manifesto - How To Increase Your Penis Size Naturally Without Surgery, Pills, Suction Devices Or Crazy Contraptions!

Make everyone you meet feel important. Be PRESENT!

Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, "Make me feel important." Not only will you succeed in sales, you will in ~ Mary Kay Ash


15 INSPIRING LIFE MANIFESTOS --Inspiration is a dish best served in a pretty font. A good manifesto has the power to move the spirit, incite action and change lives.

<3 Become your best self, live life with good intentions, commit random acts of kindness DAILY

The AMS Manifesto by Anneke Short, Reminding myself to laugh, because life is really funny

Strength & Faith

A strong women is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laugher. A strong woman is both soft and powerful, she is both practical and spiritual. A strong women in her essence is a gift to the word.

Sandra Belegi's Artist's Manifesto, found at www.theartofgreatness.com

Wisdom Quotes : The Artist’s Manifesto from Sandra Belegi at TheArtOfGreatness……