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Animation of myself

Animation of myself

Thinking 3-dimensionally when designing smoke clouds: Cartoon Solutions

Visual solution for hair drawing issue example: Thinking when designing smoke clouds: Cartoon Solutions

I am Locket, Locata's right hand man. I control the shadows, but I am weak to water. No one has seen my true form and lived to tell the tale. I am here to help Locata find his dead wife and bring her back then i will join the good side for i made a deal so i can transform between my two forms at this cost.

The Shadow--A ninja race that has been exiled to the desert, for their radical beliefs, and worship of the "dark gods" (Dragons)

i’ll doodle my characters wearing ridiculous things and no one can stop me anyway i might open commissions soon??

A short girl w/ short bubble gum pink hair (always in pig tails). She loves jeans and the color cranberry. She like roller skating, horse riding & star gazing.

lol do I still have followers who remember my PJO/HOO phase?   anyway, I did this for my character design class! I always wanted to do a line up of all the seven + nico and reyna

Had anyone noticed even the worst artist can make Leo look awesome it's not a coincidence


Back to school - Character design on Behance (it's uncanny, that lady looks a lot like my old art teacher)