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Just starting with a simple computer can take you to a whole new world.  http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kymrshE73Y1qafu1d.jpg


In 1998 the first ever iMac - the brainchild of Apple's head of design Jonathan Ive - was presented to the world

Apple iMac

generation iMac, with its jelly bean design, a radical break from the boring beige seen on every other computer of its time

Placing your iMac on fine wood furniture or just want to add a custom touch? No worries if you have an "iMac Slipper/Herritage" from hard graft. Handmade in Italy.

iMac Slipper / Heritage - The iMac Slipper came out of the desire to have a piece of hard graft right on our desktop.

My lime green Apple iMac Computer vintage 1999

Vintage iMac 5 Flavors: Strawberry, Tangerine, Blueberry, Lime, and Grape .I still have my Lime one.

Meet Big Mac. Been using this for more than 2 years. I purchased Apple Care (for the first time) on this but so far I didn't have any problems whatsoever. I get to work and browse on a really huge screen as opposed to Jordie (My 11-in MBA). Hubby and kids love playing PvZ (I know, a bit outdated but hey they love it! ☺).

Written 2012 - How To Prepare for The High-Resolution Web : Medialoot

The first iMac was released in the 1990s. The Apple iMac G3 was the first model, this came in many different colors,and was a test run for the iMacs that we use today

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The Evolution of Apple Design - 1977-2008

The Evolution of Apple Design Between 1977-2008

generation iMac, I remember watching a commercial for this computer. I thought it was the most beautiful piece of technology I'd ever seen. One of my earliest memories of Apple and their great industrial design

Imac G3 Indigo Firewire USB CD-DVD -  I had this one! Still do.  It does work but is pretty obsolete

iMac 1998 Designed by Johnathan Ive, the multi-colored all-in-one iMac series continued to free up space on your desk by encompassing both the monitor and computer in a single unit.

iMac DV - 1999

Steven Jobs Produtos iMac DV and Special Edition Oct 1999 - Jul 2000