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Practice like a champion. act like one.

Act like a champion.I like this idea for a possible t-shirt for my soccer girls this season :) change from champion to leader

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One can only do so many drop spins and run all the way across the gym so many times before this happens. t's also how you know it was a good practice.-> so true!

Neon Green 'This Is My Handstand Shirt' Tee - Girls | zulily

Take a look at this Neon Green 'This Is My Handstand Shirt' Tee - Girls by All-Around Star: Gymnastics Apparel on today! It's true it is a hand stand shirt!

So ture

the cutest thing is when a little girl comes up to you in your uniform, and asks if youre a cheerleader. when you say yes, they look at you like youre the greatest thing in the world, and run&

great saying to have the girls say right before they hit the mat at competition

Repeat after me. This is my moment. I own this floor. I will hit. I will be a champion. From Kythoni's Cheerleading board (one of many)