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6 "Must Have" Natural Hair Products 2016 [Video]

6 "Must Have" Natural Hair Products 2016 [Video]

Mexican Masks - Green Devil mask from Michoacan, Mexico

Folk art Mexico: Mexican Masks - Green Devil mask from Michoacan

Cecil Skotnes - I have forgotten how much I love Cecil Skotnes' art. An amazing South African artist.

'Couple' by South African artist Cecil Skotnes Carved, incised & painted wood, 61 x cm. via johans borman fine art

Red Ogoni mask from Nigeria, Africa, African masks

African masks

Red Devil Mask Ogoni people of Nigeria, África, with articulated jaw.

Memories from childhood

i remember those days. Every Saturday night when I was a child, my momma would put that comb on the stove and straighten my hair, while I flinched and cried the entire time. But my hair looked good on Sundays!

Handsome young devil.

Handsome young devil.

All biblical art of Christ was BLACK before the Romans/Edomites white washed the images to look European. Satan the devil fools the whole World WITH LIES. Christ is BLACK according to the Bible. The biblical Israelites are BLACK NOT white. Beware of the fake white jews who are LIARS and IMPOSTERS according to the Bible, revelation 2:9 + 3:9 .. #HebrewIsraelites spreading TRUTH. GatheringofChrist.org #GOCC on YouTube. Praise the Most High AHAYAH and YASHAYA Christ

Detailed view: Standing Christ of Smolensk with 12 Feasts- exhibited at the Temple Gallery, specialists in Russian icons