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Firearms and Training: Building Sun Devil Purple For My Wife!

Love it!  Revolver Shaped Screwdriver Rechargeable With Drill Bits

The Drill Gun Power Screwdriver is an amazing power tool which is shaped like a revolver! Just put the size screw that you need in the barrel of the gun, aim, and shoot! The remaining drill bits can rest in the chambers until you need them!

A Batch of Sweet, Sweet, Swiss SIG P210s Comes to America - Guns.com

A Batch of Sweet, Sweet, Swiss SIG P210s Comes to America - Guns.com

Another gorgeous gun from a #wellarmedwoman!

Okay I want this gun. But I also want it as a tattoo. Or I could get my leopard print revolver on me.

One Woman’s Guide To Girl Guns | http://guncarrier.com/womans-guide-to-girl-guns/

For the girls that like guns - this is sure a pretty purple one.

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Cerakote Coatings: Custom Mix of Ridgeway Blue, Zombie Green, School Bus Yellow with Bright White and Graphite Black

Save those thumbs & bucks w/ free shipping on this magloader I purchased mine http://www.amazon.com/shops/raeind  No more leaving the last round out because it is too hard to get in. And you will load them faster and easier, to maximize your shooting enjoyment.  loader does it all easily, painlessly, and perfectly reliably

My new carry gun: Sig Sauer PSP ACP with purple PVD coated slide, purple pearl grips, and rainbow Ti slide catch, safety, and magazine release. SigLITE sights and magazine extender. Sometimes you just wanna carry like a pimp.

This is not the first Tiffany & CO gun to make an appearance. There is also a Khar, Glock, and a KRISS Vector floating around the internet.