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I would love a clock like this with the   quote " The problem is, we think we have time."

I love the clock / pocket-watch idea. Perhaps the time of birth and birthday of my little guy.

So my quote !  I feel more free, optimistic on the dance floor! For sure :-)

Every Time I dance I Turn Into A Better Version Of Me! So true, I always feel better after an hour of Zumba - I'm just a happier, more positive (sweatier) person when I walk out of class!

Here's Johnny ,Cash that is

"The Man in Black" - Johnny Cash - pictured here in a recording studio in (Michael RougierThe LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) by life

Early in the morning...I seek Thy face. Surround me with Your love..

Through The Bedroom Window Photograph: A Kansas sunset through the window of an abandoned and forgotten limestone house in Ellis County. This was a bedroom window. By Thomas Zimmerman

It's the Doctor Who tattoo I want. It is I will always love you in Gallifreyan.

'I will love you forever' written in Gallifreyan - awesome tattoo idea, to have something written in Gallifreyan

Viggo Mortensen Has Some Serious Problems With The 2nd And 3rd Lord Of The Rings Movies. I knew i liked him.

Viggo Mortensen Has Some Serious Problems With The 2nd And 3rd Lord Of The Rings Movies

Which Male "Lord Of The Rings" Character Would Fall In Love With You. This time Aragorn.

Nerdtastic tattoo. LOTR, Dr Who, Hitchhikers Guide

Most epic nerd-out tattoo. Doctor Who, LotR, and Hitchhiker's Guide. Would that be "Doctor Hiker of the Rings"?

Christian life is all about overcoming obstacles, rising above our circumstances, and not letting things get us down. It's about making stepping stones out of stumbling blocks. It's about being healed in body and mind through faith, becoming whole through the Lord's love, and becoming free from the bondage of bitterness and resentment through God's Word. It's about letting Jesus resolve and override problems carried over from the past by His renewing and transforming of our mind (Romans…

So true.I had to make this very decision at a point in my life many years better or be was not a difficult choice to make.

Lorde might be the most badass 16-year-old girl in the world. Description from I searched for this on

On Selena Gomez / 9 Times Lorde Was Awesomely And Brutally Honest About Other Pop Stars