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Tee hee

Zombie Family CarDecals - for those of us who detest the standard family car decals.

20 Best Creative Products You Can Actually Buy | The Design Inspiration...my sister would love this!

Zombies like opening people's sculls and eating their brain out. But what happens when you open a zombie's head? If it's a zombie head cookie jar like this one, you would find cookies inside.

Rachel, I'm glad you shared this:) teee heee heee. I'm THAT guy in just about every conversation...    fanart & cosplay - even zombies need brains too

Funny pictures about Zombie talk. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie talk. Also, Zombie talk photos.

Four seasons of AMC's The Walking Dead has brought fifty episodes of death, carnage, and living dead mayhem. This infographic shows the firearms of the famed, highlighting specifically several of the more appreciated protagonists and their weapons of choice; included are statistics detailing the key characters and kill count with their preferred weapon and otherwise.

TWD Guns & Ammunition Infographic - The Walking Dead Official Site - Comics & TV Show