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SERIOUSLY.. drug testing..experiments all that..use the prisons!

I've got a crazy budget idea. What if we fully funded schools and made prisons make up their budget deficit with box tops and money from Target?

Secondary teachers must-have! I WISH!

Teacher's dream tool "WTF" stamp- for when students' writing in no way pertains to the subject they were supposed to be writing about.

A Sweet Georgia Peach: First day of school! Whoohoo!

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: The first day of school--The day when the countdown to the LAST day of school begins. For all my teacher friends!

Ecard mr. Politician man

Politician Man, you want to tie teacher salaries to the state tests? Can we tie YOUR salary to the economy?

I love my job.... But nobody ever wants to come back from vacation!!!!!

Favorite Pins Friday & A New 2nd/3rd Collaborative Blog!

Showing a teacher "Back to School" ads in July is like waving a cross at a vampire. It burns! It burns!I love school supplies any time of the year :-)

Teacher Faculty meetings... Not always fun and games ;)

Free, Workplace Ecard: When I die, I hope it is at a faculty meeting or teacher inservice because the transition from life to death would be so subtle

This is crazy, so study maybe :)

I am linking up with The Learning Tree , Smiling in Second and Classroom Cupcakes for their Motivational Monday Linky Party: I love t.

10 Things I've Learned From Teaching...The Resource Room Teacher

For my teacher friends. Smith, it IS my fault and I should lose my job because YOUR child has never read a book at home and plays video games until on school nights . Said NO teacher EVER!

Dressing as your favorite literary character is a wonderful way to encourage reading. When books can become part of our everyday life our world can become magical. Today I have rounded up some of my favorite literary costumes for girls. Our girls need strong female characters to relate to. And our sons need to learn...Read More »

Favorite Girl Literary character Costumes

27 Halloween Costumes For Elementary School Teachers. This would be adorable for kids to dress up as their favorite book character. Great idea for a Halloween night at the library.

Image result for Bob Ross grayscale landscape painting

Ever fall asleep listening to Bob Ross? Ever get a tingling feeling in your scalp when you're at the hairdresser? Do you love the feeling of eye exams?

They pay me so much overtime, I really don't mind grading papers every weekend... Said no teacher ever.

"They pay me so much overtime, I really don't mind grading papers on weekends," said no teacher ever.

I put this on my giggle board but it's almost too true that it's not really that funny.

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